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  • Initial assessment of your property after storm or fire

  • Initiate board up plan to prevent further damage

  • Pre-planning board up to prevent hurricane or storm damage

  • Coordinate removal of board up for insurance adjuster accessibility

  • Coordinate construction department for smooth transition to repair sequence

If your home has been damaged by a fire or storm, your insurance policy requires you work to minimize additional damage. Call The Board up Experts at 844-634-2337 for immediate assistance with your board up needs.

Safety Tips After Damage Occurs:
  • Notify your insurance company where applicable.

  • Do not leave your home unattended once it is safe to return.

  • Properly board up your property to help deter theft and additional damage.

  • If you have sustained damage to your property’s electrical system or have downed wires, do not attempt to power back up your property prior to a professional inspection.

  • Call US 941-626-3564


Fire and Water Restoration, is proud to be a part of the Charlotte & Sarasota Fire Department board up program. In this program we partner with the local fire departments in offering 24-Hour Emergency Board up services of any size. Whether it’s a home or office that has been hit by Fire, Flood, Wind or Vandalism, a Board Up is a critical step in containing and preventing further damage.

Call US 941-626-3564

24hrs a day

Board up Service

Proper Board Up can save you time and money. If the high winds of a storm send a tree crashing through your home or business, often times it won’t just suffer from the initial destruction caused by the tree. Water and other debris entering your home or office can lead to significant damage. Immediate Board Up of the exposed area will keep moisture and other irritants at bay until more extensive repairs can take place.

Time is of the essence with Board Up services. The damage needs to be assessed as quickly as possible, and this should always be done by an experienced, licensed restoration contractor. The skilled and knowledgeable professionals at NEICE Restoration can help you with damage control and the repairs that may follow.



After A Disaster 
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